The Charlatans UK frontman Tim Burgess' memoir is called 'Telling Stories,' and it sure lives up to its title. NME says the book includes a cocaine-related revelation from Burgess about his band.

Burgess writes, "We discovered the process of blowing coke up each other’s a--es. There, I have said it. It's not like we invented the practice, but I realize now it’s not an everyday thing for most people.”

It's not clear from NME's report when exactly the drug use took place. The Charlatans have been going strong since the late '80s and have survived a few lineup changes. Apparently to avoid possible litigation, Burgess is careful not to name names when he describes what happened.

He writes, "Not every member of The Charlatans took part in this highly-charged ritual, which has been described as having 'a Manhattan-powdered doughnut.' I was a giver and receiver. They say giving is better than receiving, but believe me, in this case the giving is not that great."

What other crazy tales does Burgess have to share about his days in one of the U.K.'s most successful rock bands? Find out when 'Telling Stories' hits stores next Thursday, April 26.

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