What do you like about Charli XCX? Perhaps nothing, in which case you probably either haven't heard any of her stuff yet or count yourself among her small pack of Internet haters -- a group whose very existence accomplishes little more than to establish the fact that she's now popular enough to have a group of haters. Congrats, Charli: You've officially arrived.

Anyway, back to the liking. The British singer had already issued a handful of singles due to appear on her debut album, 'True Romance,' before dropping this, the record's first totally new track, 'What I Like,' which just hit the 'Net. The cut is made for liking. With its up-tempo and infectious beat and a main hook that's catchier than swine flu, it's one damn endearing nugget of glorious pop. We can't wait to hear what the haters have to say about this one. Check it out on Stereogum below.