With all the problems going on in the world these days, it's easy to feel like we're all going down together. But the London-based band Charming Liars are using these uneasy feelings as a launching point to something a bit more anthemic and hopeful.

'The Desperation' may hint at a sadder song, but this one not only wants to get you on your feet, it wants to change the world. Sounding a lot like a battle cry, the track recalls vintage Green Day at times.

The song comes from Charming Liars' upcoming EP, 'We Won't Give Up,' which comes out next week. Frontman Charlie Cosser tells us it was the first protest song the band ever wrote. "'The Desperation is our anthem," he says. "As soon as we began writing it, we knew there was something different about this song."

He admits that the melody is "playful ... but the lyrics reflect what we saw going on in the world around us while writing our album. It’s the closest thing to a sociopolitical protest song that we have, as well as probably the most radio-friendly tune we have ever written."

Watch the exclusive lyric video for 'The Desperation' above.