Before Mark Solomich and Erik Ratensperger settled on Junior Prom as their band name, the Brooklyn duo sifted through a long list of monikers.

"We were at a bar [discussing it], and this old guy next to us overheard us and just said, 'What about Junior Prom?'" recalls Solomich. "And we thought that it was pretty good. So we went with that over Death Pride, and I think we went with the right choice."

Ratensperger adds that they wanted a name that wasn't embarrassing ... which makes it a good thing they steered away from Death Pride. "I think it's a dark hole that you try to go through when you name a band, because I think every band name kind of sucks," he says. "And [our band name] is easy to remember. When you say Junior Prom, you can't really shake that off."

Junior Prom have been buzzing lately with their new single, 'Sheila Put the Knife Down,' which peaked at the top spot on Sirius XM's 'Alt Nation.' But the song isn't as intense as the title lets on. "It tells the story that a lot of people can relate to," Solomich says. "It's a love song and is about meeting someone and seeing all their falls."

The band recently released its self-titled EP and is currently in the studio working on an album. They took a break long enough for us to pick their brains a bit about real-life proms, since it's the season for them. Even though neither of them ever made it to their own proms, Ratensperger admits he once crashed one,

Still, they know about music, and ran down for us Five Songs That Should Be on Every Prom Playlist.

  • 'Jump'

    Kris Kross

    "I think that's a sure fire crowd pleaser," Ratensperger says.

  • 'Let's Talk About Sex'


    "I think that's a good one that will create an awkward environment for any person," says Ratensperger.

  • 'Dancing With Myself'

    Billy Idol

    "It'll get everybody standing by the wall to start awkwardly dancing, like myself," Ratensperger says. "That's a good one for all the people [without dates]."

  • 'No Diggity'


    "That song is amazing," Solomich says. "How could you not know that song? Everyone has heard that song at least one time." "Hopefully this will teach [people] to dig a little deeper and Google that s---," says Ratensperger. "They will be pleasantly surprised."

  • 'Bump n' Grind'

    R. Kelly

    Says Solomich: "'Bump n' Grind,' R. Kelly. 'Feelin' on Yo Booty,' R. Kelly. And 'Ignition (Remix),' R. Kelly. Definitely majority R. Kelly. Those are the songs that make you get close to the one you want to get close to. That's what all prom is all about." "I think 'Bump n' Grind' is great," Ratensperger adds. "I think I may have to slide that into my list."

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