Chase King makes bittersweet Americana-tinged songs that feel both timeless and totally contemporary. He recorded his new album 'South Tropical Trail' in Los Angeles, and you can picture the melancholic sun streaming in through the curtains as you listen -- perfect stuff for a Saturday morning download. Grab his single 'Misty' here.

Chase King makes songs in the tradition of Jeff Tweedy and Dean Wareham, where despondency is cloaked in bittersweetness and dressed in thin sheen of folk. About 'Misty,' he tells, "The song is about feeling lost in the world and how everything is a f---ing mess."

"'Misty' was built around the bass line," he continues. "I was trying to write using something other than just a guitar. So I got stoned and played the bass for a while and came up with that rhythm, then I went to the guitar later and put the simplest set of chords over it that I could. I also turned the reverb way up on my Fostex VF-08 digital 8-track for the guitar tracks and recorded my voice through a Gemini amp."

It's an earthy, organic sound that makes you feel like you're right in the room with him as he's playing. Get 'Misty' below.

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