The widow of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell is making plans to have a statue erected in his home city of Seattle. Vicky Cornell has commissioned artist Wayne Toth to create the memorial, with completion expected in seven months’ time.

Cornell took his own life in May, hanging himself in a hotel room soon after he’d talked to his wife by phone. Three months later, Vicky reveals that she still can't bring herself to listen to any of his music. “Chris’s passing was so sudden. It came with no warning except in that last call, which will stay with me for ever," she told the Seattle Times. "I understand everyone is looking for answers that make sense to us. The truth is, it will never make sense – because it wasn’t meant to happen.”

Toth, who previously created a statue of Johnny Ramone, has submitted a design of the Cornell sculpture. “The children and I love it,” Vicky said. “He is Seattle’s son and we will be bringing him home and honoring him.” She added that discussions were underway with city authorities to choose a location for the memorial, and that she’d like to hear fans’ suggestions on the matter.

Vicky has also helped create the Chris Cornell Music Therapy Program at the Seattle charity project Childhaven, with $100,000 committed to its support. “Chris was always interested in protecting traumatized children who had suffered physical of psychological abuse,” she said. “He always felt music was a great way to heal even neurological and emotional conditions. His promise was to help the most vulnerable children. My vow now is to keep his promise.”

Meanwhile, she thanked fans for their words of support over recent weeks, saying: “It has been amazing, and it has really helped sustain my family and me.”

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