A May 26 funeral is set for Chris Cornell, who tragically died this week following a Soundgarden performance in Detroit. Friends and former bandmates of the Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog frontman are still reeling from the unexpected loss.

In a message posted to Facebook, Matt Cameron, the drummer for Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam, was the first comment on Cornell's death writing, "My dark knight is gone. Thank you for the incredible outpouring of kindness and love," Alternative Nation reported.

Pearl Jam simply posted a photo to Facebook on Saturday, a beautiful black and white image of Cornell and his dog, in remembrance of their friend.

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, who also played in Temple of the Dog, told the Seattle Times on Thursday, "Chris Cornell painted in song the darkness and beauty of life in Seattle. Chris means a lot to me today, as he trusted me to play on Temple. He handed me a dream in actually getting to play on beautiful songs. Informed how I would play on Pearl Jam records in the future, I believe. Gave me the break into the music business I'd wanted since I was 11. He was a friend I will miss. I miss you, brother."

On Instagram Thursday, Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello wrote "I love you, brother. Thank you for your friendship and your humor and your intellect and your singular and unmatched talent. It was a great honor to know you as a friend and as a band mate. I am devastated and deeply saddened that you are gone dear friend, but your unbridled rock power, delicate haunting melodies and the memory of your smile are with us forever. Your beautiful voice and beautiful self will always be in my heart. God bless you and your family." The tribute was posted along with a photo of Morello and Cornell performing, back to back, guitars in hand.

That night, he also penned a poem published in Rolling Stone in remembrance of Cornell that concludes, "Maybe no one has ever known you / You are twilight and star burn and shade."

Audioslave drummer Brad Wilk also took to Instagram, posting a photo of the two men embracing on stage and writing "The sadness of you leaving I cannot begin to describe here. So close to home. I was in awe of your talent. The time I was able to spend with you, which was not enough, I will forever cherish. At your core, you were a smart, sweet and gentle soul. This is how I will always remember you. Love you Chris. Hard to believe this picture marks the last time I will ever see you here on earth."

Cornell passed away in his hotel room Wednesday night, following a full Soundgarden show in Detroit. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging, which his family disputes.

According to CNN, Cornell will be buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles.

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