With Coldplay finally starting to wind things down after more than a year on the road in support of their latest album, 'Mylo Xylota,' singer Chris Martin is apparently set to relocate from London to Los Angeles with his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, so that the actress can be closer to her mother. Coldplay reportedly plan to take all of 2013 off, giving Martin and his family plenty time to settle into their newly acquired $10.45 million Brentwood mansion.

“Chris and Gwyneth have wanted to move to Los Angeles for a while," a source tells Radar Online. "Gwyneth spends a lot of time between the U.K. and the U.S. and she’s exhausted. The purpose of buying the lavish home in Brentwood was to make that a semi-permanent base."

Coldplay have about a dozen dates on their itinerary scheduled through a Nov. 21 gig in Brisbane, Australia, and then absolutely nothing planned until early 2014, when the band is expected to reconvene and begin working on a new album. In the meantime, expect Martin to be spending most of his time off in the City of Angels with his family, which includes children Apple and Moses.

“Gwyneth spends a lot of time away from her mum, Blythe, and wants to be closer to her as she gets older," adds the source. "Chris was very understanding and is willing to give living in Los Angeles a chance because he’s always loved the city."