As we approach the 25th anniversary of the Black Crowes’ debut, ‘Shake Your Money Maker,’ frontman Chris Robinson has opened up about the recent news that the band was calling it quits due to a contract dispute between him and his brother and guitarist, Rich.

“It’s way more complicated than Rich’s public outburst,” Chris explains to Billboard in a new interview. “I’m going to keep my personal, private family business personal and private, and I’ll focus on all the other things that are important. The ideas, I think, are more important than the drama. I have too much stuff going on that’s progressive and positive to dig through sordid family history and stuff.”

As for the important “stuff” in his life, the iconic frontman is focused on his current band, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

“[That band] is my future, you know what I mean? that’s really the only way I can put it,” he says. “I think it’s been leading this way for a while that the CRB is really where we all want to be and really where we want to put our collective focus. We want to see where that continues.”

But fans shouldn’t think Chris is turning his back on the Crowes or their history: “To me it’s just sad and it’s disappointing and it’s unfortunate that on the 25th anniversary, whether the band is working or not, that it’s not about the songs and the good times people had at those concerts.”

2015 will be a busy one for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood as they release ‘Betty’s Blend Volume 2: The Best From the West,’ a double-LP live set recorded by Betty Cantor-Jackson (this follows 2013’s first set of ‘Betty’s Blends’). And while they’re ready to record some new material, they likely won’t enter the studio for their next full-length until 2016.

Read Billboard's full conversation with Chris here.

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