Chrissie Hynde has had one hell of a music career as the frontwoman of the Pretenders. But now she's ready to go out on her own and is set to release her debut solo album, 'Stockholm,' on June 10. We've already gotten a taste of it with the first single, 'Dark Sunglasses,' and she's just released a brand-new track, 'You or No One.' Give it a listen.

Unlike the unruly, rebellious and dark sounds of her Pretender days, 'You or No One' is a bit lighter in its approach. Working with Swedish producer -- and Peter, Bjorn and John's Bjorn Yttling -- may have inspired the Spectorian sound of the track.

The song is basically a proclamation of love. Think 'I'll Stand By You,' but less protective and more lovey-dovey. Hynde's low growl gives 'Your or No One' more dynamic and substance than your average pop song.

Hynde has led the Pretenders for more than 35 years, and many of the revolving band's records could be called Hynde solo albums. So why is she finally releasing a record under her own name? “I never meant to go solo -- in fact I swore I wouldn’t," she told Huffington Post U.K. "But after 30 years, you’ve pretty much done everything you ever wanted to do."

Hynde's last album was 2010's 'J.P., Chrissie and the Fairground Boys,' a side project with Welsh singer-songwriter J.P. Jones. The last Pretenders album was in 2008.

Here's 'Dark Sunglasses' from 'Stockholm':

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