Christopher Smith is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter whose pensive, nuanced songs have earned him comparisons to everyone from Paul Simon to Bon Iver. Today we get a unique look at a re-imagining of his work, via a remix of the single 'Pillars and Pyre' by Andy Dixon, from Smith's new album 'Earning Keep.'

Christopher Smith's songs tend to be earthy in tone and grand in scope, arranged with orchestral instruments and a whimsical sound. Andy Dixon reworks the single 'Pillars and Pyre' to charmingly unexpected results as an electronic track.

Smith tells "It's funny to think that the Pillars and Pyre remix and the one Andy did for my last album are the only two music projects we've collaborated on. I've know him for years. We used to play shows together when he was in the Red Light Sting. Interesting to think of how the music we're making now varies from the music we made then. Of course, our history wasn't why I asked him to do it. He's incredibly talented and has impeccable taste. I didn't doubt for a second he would bring something solid to the table, and I'm very pleased with the outcome."

Grab the 'Pillars and Pyre' remix below.

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