The world really doesn't need another version of 'Ceremony' -- one of the last songs recorded by Joy Division before singer Ian Curtis' suicide, and the first single released by New Order after forming from JD's ashes -- but the oft-covered tune seems to bring out the best in bands, and Chromatics are no exception. The Portland, Ore.-based indie quartet turns in a dreamy, drifting, down-tempo take on the classic, which was sloppy and incomplete when Joy Division first put it to tape during a rehearsal and a treble-heavy Wall of Noise in the hands of New Order. Listen to Chromatics' version below.

Ida No of labelmates Glass Candy handles lead guitar on this new version, which wraps up a big year for Chromatics. Their stellar 'Kill for Love' recently nabbed an Album of the Year nomination in our 2012 Music Awards -- vote for that category and all the rest here.