Something about a band named Churches writing a song to espouse marriage equality puts a sly smirk on my face. And to make it even better, it's a damn catchy indie rock track complete with an infectious, Coldplay-esque "Oh-ohhh" hook.

The trio's not just hopping on the Prop 8 bandwagon, though. This issue is one dear to frontman Caleb Nichols' heart.

"I wrote 'Lovelife' after a lifetime of watching people debate the ethics of being myself -- that is, a gay person," Nichols told "I don't normally write political music, but I don't consider the song political -- and that's the point. Being an LGBT person isn't a political statement -- its a product of biology, and it sucks to have to live in a world where politicians on both sides of the aisle profit politically from turning our love lives into a wedge issue."

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