With Citibank’s ThankYou card, you can earn points and redeem them for just about anything, an updated ad suggests. The commercial depicts three friends enjoying their rewards, which involve a weather balloon and “a new perspective." The catchy tune in the background is 'Ahead of the Wave' by Nashville-based electro-rockers the Non-Commissioned Officers.

Described their range of influences on their official website, the band says they “discovered their sound among various pop styles, combining rich vocals with surf-toned guitars and dark keyboards. Stylistically, the Non-Coms showcase diversity, both from the Nashville music scene as a whole and in terms of general musical acumen. Yet these songs are anchored by a common approach as the Non-Coms lead the listener in with lush arrangements and ultimately reward them with a sing-along chorus.”

Although the Non-Coms are active in the local music scene, their song’s appearance in the Citi ad helped expose them to the masses. “We certainly see spikes in our Twitter followers and YouTube subscriptions whenever those commercials are running,” they said in a recent interview. “It seems that commercials are the only real equivalent to record label promotion. A lot of bands are discovered from commercials. It’s no longer considered “selling out” to lend your music to a commercial. These days it seems almost essential to get your foot out of the door and into the audience’s ears."

'Ahead of the Wave' is available for purchase via iTunes.

Hear the Non-Commissioned Officers’ ‘Ahead of the Wave’ in the Citi ThankYou Card Commercial