The older the veterans of the Minneapolis music scene become, they better songs they write. Who would've thought? Citroën is a new Twin Cities "rock" (for lack of a better word) trio whose frontman Bryce Midas cites "post-punk and trip-hop" as two of their main influences. "Also, Rush," he adds at the last minute. "And hyphens. Yeah, we like those a lot."

Regardless of how serious of an impact trip-hop really has on the guys' output, we can't help but love the varied, matured sound their debut offers. As Bryce points out, "'Shifting Sands' may be the rockiest track on the EP, but 'Anachronaut' is pretty diverse overall." It's a statement we at can corroborate.

In just four songs, the guys run the gamut of dynamics and borrow from everyone from Queens of the Stone Age to the Sneaker Pimps, Dire Straits to Young Love. They incorporate head-bobbing dance rhythms with Tom Morello-esque guitar noise and burly grunge-era riffs to the pleasant surprise of any listeners who've kept an ear on Minneapolis lately. Certainly, nothing that's come out of the mini-metro in years has sounded quite like this.

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