City Society offer an M83-type electronic dream-pop on their self-titled debut album, which dropped in mid-May via CSMusic. However, the band’s founder and singer-songwriter, Richard Cupolo, brings it down to earth for listeners with his universal and relatable lyrics and danceable beats.

We’re offering the album’s eighth track, ‘Speaking of You,’ as today’s free MP3 download, and in it, Cupolo creates an expansive landscape with bubbling keyboards and spacey vocals.

While the driving beat will keep heads bobbing, Cupolo told that the inspiration behind the song is significantly deeper than the outward appearances let on.

“They lyrics were written after a funeral in Chinatown for a friend’s mother that was particularly moving,” he said. “It’s a question of the self, when we close our eyes to dream, when we live and die -- how we physically know what happens, but the experience remains a mystery.”

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