Following a four-year hiatus, Berlin singer-songwriter Clara Hill is back with her newly minted fourth album, ‘Walk the Distance.’ Hill does just that, as she reaches new sonic ground by adding elements of psych-folk and electronica to her signature acid jazz.

The result is a subtle yet captivating and organic sound that stands up well in the singer’s growing catalog -- especially since she's always placed sonic experimentation above composition.

For the new record, Hill drew from her childhood for inspiration. She brings back sounds associated with her past for a creeping, nostalgic effect. On today’s free MP3, ‘Lost Winter,’ Hill’s murmured singing bleeds into the chiming and ethereal instrumentation.

“‘Lost Winter’ describes the longing for the winter,” Hill tells “A nostalgic feeling about the white past winter with a lot of snow we had in our childhood.”

If you're already looking forward to winter, then download the track below and grab 'Walk the Distance,' which is available now on iTunes.

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