Windy City rockers Clara May dropped their sophomore album, ‘American Desi,’ earlier this month, and it explores a tightly crafted concept that follows an immigrant’s journey to the U.S.

Covering both the hardships and joys of an immigrant's experience, the subject matter isn’t a far cry from the band’s debut, ‘Hush.’ It also explored issues of identity and ethnicity through the group’s stormy hard rock sound and frontman Tom Silva’s Nick Cave-like delivery. is excited to offer the new album’s brooding lead single, ‘Badlands,’ as today’s free MP3. Clara May is made up of a large cast of talented Chicago players who use their expertise to bring the explosive track to life with sinister guitars and brash drums. It’s a heavy approach that mimics the harsh realities of an immigrant's life.

“The song grew out of wanting to represent what an illegal immigrant feels like in a new culture,” Silva tells “I deeply love America, but the truth is that half of new aliens have no health insurance and less than a high school education. Many do not see their family or friends for decades and feel trapped.”

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