Fred Armisen knows his punk rock, and before getting into comedy, he played drums for the Chicago group Trenchmouth. Last season on 'SNL,' he debuted a character called Ian Rubbish, a U.K. punk lifer with a fondness for Margaret Thatcher, and he reprises the role in a new Funny or Die video featuring Mick Jones and Paul Simonon of the Clash.

In the clip (watch it above), Armisen leads Mick and Paul through the Clash's storied discography, sharing anecdotes about the parallel journey of the fictitious Ian Rubbish and the Bizarros. Taking cues form 'Spinal Tap,' Armisen paints the Bizarros as hapless punk also-rans content to echo the Clash's political rantings with copycat jams like 'White Riot As Well.' Jones and Simonon barely keep from laughing as Armisen, doing a spot-on British accent, riffs away.

The video ends with Mick and Paul grabbing guitars and reuniting to join Armisen on a version of 'Hey Policeman,' a Rubbish (and rubbish) original about booting coppers in the face. While Jones and Simonon have been making the rounds promoting the Clash's new career-spanning 'Sound System' box set, they rarely -- if ever -- jam together, so in addition to providing a few yucks, the Funny or Die video is a rare chance to see one-half of "the only band that matters" back in action.