You know those videos that edit President Obama speeches to make it look like he's singing "Uptown Funk," the Pokémon theme song or "Shake It Off"? Now, you can easily make one of your own ... sort of.

Clash is a new web app lets users create a sound collage of any phrase they can think to type, using clips from songs, movies, speeches and other audio sources. The site was created by Phillip Pastore, who has also created a few other popular online projects, like Nosemouth and Ampergram.

Since the project is relatively new, its word database isn't yet what it could be, but Clash fills in the blanks with computer-generated speech. The effect is slightly jarring, but once the project gets going, these are creases that are likely to be ironed out. For now, it can at least flawlessly recite the alphabet:

Users can save and share their "clashes" on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, so please try to go easy on your friends' social media feeds.