Well, that was fast. Coachella 2014 has sold out both weekends, and it's done so in record time. Tickets dropped this morning at 10AM PST, and by 2:37, Consequence of Sound reports, they were gone.

The brisk opening sales day narrowly beats 2012's, when fans scooped up all available passes in 2:57. Last year, by contrast, it took 21 hours for organizers to declare a sell out.

Scheduled for the back-to-back weekends of April 11-13 and 18-20, Coachella 2014 brings together dozens of artists from virtually every genre imaginable. Joining headliners OutKast, Muse and Arcade Fire are such acts as Disclosure, Neko Case, Chance the Rapper, Bryan Ferry and AFI.

From indie to alt-country, punk, EDM, hip-hop and even ska, Coachella has it covered. Check out the poster to the left for the full lineup, or visit the festival's official site. There, you'll get a much bigger version of the poster, so even if you missed your shot to snag tickets, you can easily read the names of all the bands you'll be missing.