Matt Miller and Brian Dalessandro traded in the gloomier sound of their former band, Sons of Sons, for warmer vibes with their latest endeavor, Coastgaard. The Brooklyn foursome’s self-titled debut is out now and loaded with sunny, beach-friendly tunes.

Their new take on surf-rock features plenty of pretty harmonies, melodies and jangly guitar to keep you in a summer state of mind well into October. If that appeals to your inner beach bum, grab ‘Beach 3 (Ocean Blue),’ today’s free MP3.

The quartet — Miller (vocals, guitar), Dalessandro (drums, keys, vocals), Sean Glassman (guitar, keys, vocals) and Paolo Codega (bass, vocals) — were experimenting with their new brighter sound when they created a set of three songs that progress seamlessly from one to the next.

“‘Beach 3 (Ocean Blue)’ is definitely its own song, but it’s also the third and last piece of a three-song work,” the band tells “We were experimenting with layering different melodies over similar chord structures, and we ended up with three songs that kind of evolve into each other. ‘Beach 1 (Fire Island)’ comes first, then ‘Beach 2 (Culebra)’ and lastly, ‘Beach 3 (Ocean Blue).’”

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