Coheed and Cambria are a flexible bunch of dudes. They recently put down the electric guitars and eschewed their prog-rock tendencies in order to play a cover of one of their favorite tunes -- Jimmy Eat World's lovely 'A Praise Chorus.' Check it out in the video above.

Lead singer Claudio Sanchez told the crowd at a recent show that Jimmy Eat World's album 'Bleed American' was a mainstay in Coheed's tour van while they were touring. So they decided to pick a song from that album to pay tribute to the music that helped keep them moving down the road. The song is a definite departure from Coheed's normal sci-fi inspired math rock.

Sanchez has been busy lately. Last month, he started a new record label, Evil Ink Records. He and his wife also had their first child during the same time; Sanchez, who's voice practically begs for a Geddy Lee comparison, recorded and released a new song to commemorate the birth of his son. The song, as well as the newborn boy, is named 'Atlas.' Check out the video below:

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