Compared to previous Coldplay albums, 'Ghost Stories' is already a pretty stripped-down, subdued affair. But a new remix of lead single 'Magic' takes Chris Martin's brokenhearted ballad in an even more minimalist direction, peeling away the original's piano and guitars and replacing them with ghostly synths and a subtly pulsing bass line.

It's Coldplay for James Blake fans. Give it a listen:

This 'Magic' remix is the work of AlunaGeorge, a U.K. electro-pop duo that will be opening for Coldplay July 1 and 2 at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Here's one of AlunaGeorge's original tracks, 'Your Drums, Your Love,' which showcases the group's knack for putting a pop spin on the filtered vocals and echoing bass found in the work of future-soul innovators like Blake and the Weeknd.