Last week, footage from Coldplay's recent tour showed that the band was performing 'Princess of China,' their collaboration with Rihanna, with a projection of her that played over their song. However, the quality of the video was pretty much what you would expect from something taken from a cell phone. But now that Rihanna has released the video, we can see it in stunning high-definition.

The clip, which runs 2:38, features Rihanna singing her part looking very sexy in a revealing black outfit and extensions on her fingernails in front of a green screen. As she moves her arms with the music, what appears to be eight more pairs of arms appear behind her and join the movement.

For contrast, in another scene she is wearing a purple and red kimono and a headdress. She also twirls a ribbon attached to a stick, similar to a component in the Olympic sport of rhythmic gymnastics.

We don't know why Rihanna is sporting a kimono -- a traditional Japanese garment -- in the video for a song called 'Princess of China.' But when the results are as eye-catching as this, we're not going to nitpick over details.

Watch Rihanna's Video for 'Princess of China'