Five singles into their latest album, 'Mylo Xyloto,' and Coldplay are still going strong. In an era when many bands focus on a few standout tracks to base an album on and then surround them with filler, with 'Hurts Like Heaven' (which is soon to be released to radio), the British boys prove 'Xylo' is deep enough to warrant the string of singles.

Starting with nearly a minute wash of delay-drenched guitars and dreamy synths, 'Heaven' seamlessly transforms into a pop ditty, with Will Champion's steady beat providing the backbone for Jonny Buckland's tone-bending guitars and Guy Buckland's melodic bass. Somehow the three of them manage to channel the intro's atmospherics into a melodic, upbeat groove that recalls My Bloody Valentine's dreampop and the Jesus and Mary Chain's lighter, catchier fare.

"Oh you, use your heart as a weapon / And it hurts like heaven," Chris Martin sings over all the prettiness. We're not sure if he purposefully invokes the imagery of 'Just Like Heaven,' but purposefully or not, the Cure classic certainly comes to mind. Either way, it's a fitting reference, as this is as close as Coldplay come to sounding like a ray of sunshine shining on their eternally bummed British brethren.

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