Coldplay are going big with the screening event for their upcoming 'Live 2012' DVD. Chris Martin and co. will show the film in 50 countries in one night, and fans from the band's native United Kingdom to as far away as South Korea can partake in this cinematic experience.

The event is scheduled for Nov. 13, and a listing of local screenings is available here .

The DVD was directed by Paul Dugdale, the man behind Adele's 'Live at the Royal Albert Hall' DVD, and it's more than just a filmed concert. Dugdale documented several stops on Coldplay's Mylo Zyloto tour, which launched in 2011. The end result compiles footage from multiple stops along the tour, giving fans a taste of the band as a touring entity, rather than a snapshot of a single Coldplay gig.

The DVD is due in stores on Nov. 19 and will come complete with an interactive live e-book, which is an AV companion to the DVD. Fans can pour over photographs and videos, as well as take a peek at Martin's studio journal, according to the

Watch Coldplay 'Live 2012' Trailer