Rapper Azealia Banks, who has been an "it" girl in the urban scene for the past year, took to Twitter a few days ago to proclaim that Coldplay's manager Dave Holmes, who has been rumored to be her boyfriend, abused her on more than one occasion.

Banks' accusatory tweets, which she fired off on Christmas Day, have since been deleted, but they live on courtesy of the sleuths at Perez Hilton. Nothing ever dies on the Internet, not even a deleted tweet.

The tweets were rather explosive in their suggestion that Holmes, 40, manhandled Banks, 21. One tweet read: "ColdPlay’s manager Dave Holmes is a piece of s-–. Second time he has put his f—– hands on me."

Banks also tweeted: "You know how someone lets you down once…And you give them another chance, and they let you down again? And you feel stupid…Because you knew better? A Jealous Man is a Dangerous man."

The messages may have been cryptic, but they certainly made some strong accusations against Holmes. The fact that she prefaced her tweets by pointing out that he is Coldplay's manager also unfairly drags the band into this gossipy mess.

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