Coldplay have released a surprise new single . . . and apparently they've been listening to a lot of Bon Iver lately. A lot of Bon Iver.

Nobody's really sure where 'Midnight' will end up as of now. The band has a new album due sometime this year, but there's been no firm details on when it will come out or anything like that. Coldplay's last album, the unpronounceable 'Mylo Xyloto,' debuted at No. 1 in about a zillion different countries in 2011.

Check out 'Midnight' above, and tell us that it doesn't sound like Chris Martin and crew have been listening to Bon Iver whenever they get some extra time. The soft, hushed ambient tones, the digitally enhanced falsetto, the spare sound that's three galaxies away from the stadium-shaking anthems found on 'Viva La Vida' and all those other Coldplay albums you probably haven't listened to in a while -- what's going on here?

The video is pretty spacey too. And if we took the time to look around for one, we bet we'd find a Bon Iver video that looks an awful lot like it too. Whether or not this is a sign of where things are heading on the new Coldplay album is anyone's guess. But as first taste of their first new music in three years, it's safe to assume that the group is still finding, um, inspiration in other people's music.

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