It seems that someone had a rough Grammys night, and it wasn't Bruno Mars. Mars took home trophies for all six categories in which he was nominated last night, including for Song, Album and Record of the Year for his 24K Magic. But Mars, and the Grammys as an institution, also earned a written lashing from Bon Iver's Justin Vernon.

Explaining in a series of tweets that he means "absolutely NO offense to Mr. Mars," he proceeded to eviscerate the Grammys for reasons apparently proven by Mars' big win, namely their rewarding of artists who have sampled other artists' work.

"Scanning headlines after playing Mexico City last night (holy s--- did we feel at home... Unbeelievable city) Looks like Grammies are still something serious musicians should not take seriously !" Vernon began. "Absolutely NO offense to Mr Mars, but you absolutely have to be s---ting me."

And off he went. "To be factual, Mr Mars made a name in the INDUSTRY by making hits OUT of hits of yesteryear. SO... no real need to be mad, even at the Grammies. SZA? KENDRICK?"

But he does seem mad and went to say, "I'd say move on from this s--- show. Felt like a Democratic Party Party, not R'n'Roll."

Still, when fans pressed him to share which acts topped his own list this year, he noted that when a work is released is not the most relevant factor. "Not being clever, but man, hard to listen to a music JUST because it came out in this particular year," he wrote. "I do, and I think its important, but hard to make a list of music that changed me this year, without including a bunch of music from people who are dead or gone."

He also took note of Recording Academy President Neil Portnoy's inflammatory speech that challenged women to "step up," given that all the major awards this year were awarded to men but one — a comment that particularly smarted in the year of the #metoo movement. Vernon asked "What is WINNING?" and answered his own question with "S---ty Coach language."

Vernon completed his tirade with a final thought about the Grammys. "The Grammies are for the music industry. Music, itself, is for everywhere else and everyone else. Good to remember."

Vernon himself has attended and won Grammys in the past. In 2012, he took home the awards for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album for his self-titled Bon Iver, and was nominated for others that year and in 2017. At least one fan recalled the 2012 victory, and posted a pic of Vernon happily holding up two Grammys, biting down on one.

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