We haven’t taken Colours’ darkly sweeping “Monster” out of our rotation since we first heard it last fall; thankfully, we can add 10 more tracks to our playlists as of today (Feb. 25). Ivory, the eagerly anticipated debut from the Florida electro-R&B-rock duo, is out today via Victory Records.

Ivory follows Colours’ 2013 EP Skin and Bones and documents the band’s evolution in the intervening three years. Produced by Shaun Lopez (Deftones, Far), the newly minted LP blends chugging, gothic beats, Tamo's silky delivery and an infectious pop sensibility throughout for a single, coherent package. Those contrasts boil as far down as the album title.

“Actual ivory has an amazingly intriguing juxtaposition,” the band said in a press release. “Between the status symbol and richness of it, to the barbaric brutality of harvesting it, comes a comparable cause and effect for the album.”

You can listen to Ivory on Spotify and iTunes or snag it through an indie record store. That’s the cover art and track list below. Tamo and Alley will play a release show tonight in Orlando, Fla. Find details at the band’s Facebook.


Ivory Track List
1. "Lawless"
2. "Monster"
3. "Slow"
4. "The Unforgettable"
5. "Gone"
6. "Gold Bones"
7. "Mind Games"
8. "Remember"
9. "Part of You"
10. "Anyone"
11. "Alone"

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