If the two members of Colours had their way, you might never know their names. To them, all that matters is their music and the emotion it evokes. But once you watch the cinematic video for "Monster" – the powerful lead single from their upcoming debut album, Ivory – you'll immediately want to know where Colours have been all your life.

The beginning of the story begins with an end: Vocalist Kyle Tamo and drummer Morgan Alley were both members of Florida-based post-hardcore outfit Burden of a Day until the band announced in 2010 that everything would be "changing." During the next couple years, Tamo and Morgan refined the lineup and focus of Colours – which didn't have a name until 2013 when the band released an atmospheric, post-rock EP called Skin and Bones. Although the sonic shift was unexpected, it was nothing compared to the evolution that brought the band to where they are now.

"We don't want to use the band as an opportunity for ourselves, so there is no message and no personal statement being projected," said Tamo. "Our personal experience finds the most resonating growth comes with internal resolution, and we hope to offer our music as the catalyst to that."

Early this year, the pair began work on Ivory with producer Shaun Lopez (Far, Deftones) and the result is an album that blows away any preconceived notions. Fusing the sort of dark, electronic undertones of Purity Ring and Crosses with post-modern, Weeknd-tinged R&B, Colours have created a lush sound that's as dangerous as it is seductive.

It's a volatile combination that's on full display in the band's video for "Monster," which Diffuser is extremely proud to present. "This music video gave us the opportunity to introduce the visual brand of Colours," Tamo told us. "As the project developed, it was crucial that we gave attention to detail in order to maintain a cohesiveness within our brand."

Ivory will be released Feb. 26 via Victory Records. Pre-order your copy here.

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