It happens to just about everyone who lives to middle age: The bands we loved during our youth get back together and start making music again. Sometimes this happens because the artists' need for money becomes greater than their hatred for their old bandmates. Sometimes it happens because the old musicians get bored and forget about how jaded they felt when they walked away from the band so long ago.

But sometimes -- not often, but sometimes -- people get the old band back together because they still have something to say. They get back together because the once-smoldering passion for music got rekindled somehow. On those rare occasions, magic can happen.

For every great comeback like Paul Simon's Graceland, there are 10 albums like Aerosmith's Done With Mirrors. So we decided to take a moment to round up the comeback records that deserve some attention. You may be familiar with some of these, while others may be brand new for you. Either way, they're all worth hearing.

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