A new commercial for Corona Extra beer opens with a scene straight out of paradise: A guy and two girls are sipping brews while sitting on a deserted beach, watching the waves roll in under a moonlit sky. How could life get any better? A private beachside concert with songs performed by Everest ought to do the trick.

That's pretty much what eventually unfolds in this Corona commercial. Suddenly the trio is approached by a hippie-looking dude holding a microphone stand and asking in his best stage voice, "How you guys doing tonight?" The three hold up their beers in celebration, and suddenly the scene switches to a packed club, where the trio is now taking in a concert by Los Angeles rockers Everest (not to be confused with the Dutch trance DJ, the German emo act, the Swiss electronica duo, the female-fronted '80s AOR band or the Minneapolis-based metal core group of the same name).

The three sway in time to the song 'Let Go,' then raise their beers and clink bottles in celebration. The scene suddenly switches back to the beach, where Everest are now performing a private concert under the stars for our three lucky friends. A Corona tagline fades onto the screen -- "Find your beach" -- and it becomes apparent exactly what's going on here: The party follows Corona Extra wherever it goes.

Everest are an indie rock supergroup of sorts, featuring current and former members of Sebadoh, Alaska!, Great Northern, the Watson Twins, Earlimart  and Stanford Prison Experiment. They released their debut full-length on Neil Young's Vapor Records in 2008, and followed it up with 'On Approach' from Vapor and Warner Bros. Records in 2010. The song in the ad, 'Let Go,' was featured on 'On Approach' and was also issued as a Record Store Day exclusive 7" that same year.

Watch the Corona Extra Commercial Featuring Everest's 'Let Go'