Courtney Love really loves opera composer and co-star Todd Almond -- like, really loves him. When asked by Billboard about her chemistry with Almond, Love gushed like a foul-mouthed schoolgirl. She even brought up old ex-boyfriend Trent Reznor, just to say Almond's better:

I was listening to Todd play the other day, and I remembered when I used to date Trent Reznor, who is very talented and has his own thing, but Todd's is better. Me and Trent would f--k around at the old Sunset Marquis [in Hollywood]. There was a grand piano -- he would play and I would chanteuse it out. How fabulous that I got someone better than Trent!

There are a couple of ways to read this. Perhaps she saw and took an opportunity to get a jab in at her old fling. Or maybe she thinks Reznor is still pretty great, and that just means Almond is simply better.

She also opened up about the role she's playing alongside Almond in the opera, titled 'Kansas City Choir Boy.' Love plays an ambitious woman trying to escape her home town. But her character is in love with someone not cut out for her lifestyle.

... I can definitely relate to her ambition. I understand this character's need to get out of Kansas City, but she's in love. This is real vivid, Kurt-and-me kind of love.

'Kansas City Choir Boy' is running now through Jan. 18 at the New York Prototype: Opera/Theater/Now festival. Love will also star in the upcoming Fox series 'Empire.'

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