Yeah, we get that Courtney Love rubs lots of people the wrong way. And she's kinda psychotic. And scary at times. But we'll go to our grave swearing that 'Live Through This' is way better than so many other albums people praise from that era.

And her latest song, a two-and-a-half-minute blast of punk-rock fury called 'You Know My Name,' is the best thing she's recorded since the powerhouse lineup of Hole disintegrated at the end of the '90s, after 'Celebrity Skin' came out.

Give it a listen above.

Love has been going back and forth on all the rumors cropping up lately that she's getting the classic Hole lineup back together. But in between contemplating a Nirvana musical and showing up at her late husband's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, she found time to record a new single, just in time for her upcoming U.K. tour.

The song that's now out there 'You Know My Name' (the other one, 'Wedding Day,' is still under wraps), rocks harder than anything Love put on her last two albums, a dismal 2004 solo record and a 2010 Hole album that was pretty sucky too.

We're not sure what's inspired Love to kick ass on record like this again, but we're all for it. Because like we said before, 'Live Through This' is one of the best albums of the '90s. Seriously: