The seven albums Crowded House released between 1986 and 2010 will all get reissued in deluxe editions. They will arrive in stores on Nov. 4.

This reissue campaign is comprised of the four records they made during their initial go-round from 1986 to 1996 (Crowded House, Temple of Low Men, Woodface and Together Alone), the two albums from their 2006-11 reunion (Time on Earth and Intriguer) and the 1999 rarities collection Afterglow. Each has been expanded to include rare and previously unreleased recordings and a 36-page book with photos, essays and interviews with frontman Neil Finn and bassist Nick Seymour.

"We are thrilled all seven of our albums are about to be reissued in all formats including vinyl," Finn said in a press release, "each one accompanied by a rich trove of rarities including writing demos and other unreleased musical curiosities, as well as new original artwork from my dear friend Nick Seymour. This has been many years in the making with much of the exhaustive listening, editing and remixing being done by the keeper of knowledge Jeremy Ansell in Auckland. It has been a labour of love for us and our mission all along was making a superlative quality, definitive document of Crowded House’s unique history for all the fans who have given us their affection over the years.”

On Nov. 24-25, they are performing two shows outside the Sydney Opera House, where, 20 years prior, the group played their Farewell to the World concert. Seymour is treating the show with the sense of humor for which the band is known.

“I am excited to announce two ‘Encore’ performances on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House," he said. "The shows will mark the 20th anniversary of our break-up concert. ‘Proper order!' I say, as being at the top of our game, I didn’t want to break up in the first place! I’ve come to realise ‘the top of our game' is whenever we get together so please join us for a f---off sing song, an off-piste jam session, a toast to absent friends and NO RAIN.”

Crowded House are also reissuing the records on 180-gram vinyl, albeit without the bonus tracks. In addition, a limited edition box set that compiles all seven albums is available. You can see the pre-order them at Crowded House's website, where you can see the track listings.

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