Later this month, Crowded House will play four shows at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, but for those who are unable to make it, they have a special treat. They'll be streaming one of their rehearsals and taking questions from fans during.

The event can be seen at their Facebook page on Nov. 16 at 1:30AM Eastern, when they will be practicing in their studio in Auckland, N.Z. While most acts would recoil at the idea of letting fans see them practice, for frontman Neil Finn, the spontaneity is part of the fun.

"On the cusp of our special Encore performances on the steps of the Sydney Opera House," he said in a press release, "we're excited to have an opportunity to play and engage with our friends and supporters around the world live streaming for an hour from the heart of rehearsals, unscripted and intimate as hell. It will be a joyous occasion that can be shared by one and all."

The Sydney Opera House shows are marking the 20th anniversary of their Farewell to the World concert, which took place in the same location and signaled the end of their 10-year run. Finn and original member Nick Seymour regrouped with Mark Hart and Matt Sherrod following the 2005 death of drummer Paul Hester for 2007's Time on Earth and Intriguer in 2010.

Last week, the group released deluxe editions of all seven albums they released between 1986 and 2010. Each contains an extra disc of unreleased material and a 36-page book with photographs, essays and interviews with Finn and Seymour.

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