As the scope of crowdfunding campaigns grows, we’ve seen some interesting projects launch, like Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes controversial crowdfunding site successfully raising money to reimburse what he lost in an apartment fire, and ‘Girls’ actress Zosia Mamet and her sister’s failed attempt to raise $32,000 for a music video that would span the distance of "French baroque to simple.”

Now, a group of dedicated crowdfunders in Richmond, Va., have successfully used the platform to convince the Foo Fighters to return to the state's capital for a concert for the first time in more than 15 years.

The organizers have created a whole new kind of crowdfunding: Even if they raised their goal, it didn't necessarily mean the “project” would come to fruition. At $50 a ticket, participants were only to be charged if the concert sold out — a total of 1,400 tickets. And if the Foo Fighters didn’t oblige, the collected donations would be refunded.

In the end, the campaign reached its goal of $70,000 (and then some) and managed to convince Dave Grohl and company to make their long-awaited return to Richmond. Though the date, time and venue haven’t been set yet, the band reached out to its Richmond fans via Twitter, writing, “See ya soon … let’s have a good time.”

The moral of the story? The next time your favorite band doesn’t come to a town near you, simply rally a bunch of fellow diehards and persuade the group through some hard-to-ignore fundraising. Need some inspiration? Check out the 'Bring Foo Fighters Back to RVA' campaign video below.