Rumors of a 2017 Daft Punk tour have circulated persistently over the last few months, and that speculation went into overdrive after the launch of a new website seeming to offer strong hints of impending live activity.

NME reports on the Alive 2017 site, pointing out that the date fits the duo's pattern of touring (and putting out a concert recording) every 10 years. With Alive 1997 and Alive 2007 already in the catalog, it stands to reason that Alive 2017 will soon follow.

Tech-savvy fans have also already combed the site's code for clues, turning up what appear to be coordinates pointing to Paris, Los Angeles, London, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Ibiza and Indio — all of which can now presumably be looked to as spots on the tour.

Of course, it's all purely speculation at this point — and it bears mentioning that it was only a few days ago that an allegedly reputable source told Consequence of Sound that rumors of a tour were off base and the act really had no plans to perform live.

Whatever the website means, Daft Punk fans can mark Oct. 27 on their calendars as the date when more will be revealed. In addition to those apparent coordinates, the site's code contains the line "WAKE DATE 2016-10-27," presumably pointing to some sort of announcement from the group's camp. Let the countdown begin — and if the guys aren't really planning a tour yet, they may want to get started, because if dates aren't revealed toward the end of the month, a lot of people are going to be pretty disappointed.

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