Music, like politics, is now subject to the 24-hour news cycle, and as such, keeping up with all of the day's rock 'n' roll tidbits can be daunting, if not impossible. In the spirit of simplification and efficiency, we've collected the top 5 items and ranked them in terms of newsworthiness. Scroll down to see our picks.

  • Central Press, Hulton Archive

    The Beatles Are the World's Most Pirated Band

    You never give them your money.

    The Fab Four generate more than 190 million illegal downloads a year. No wonder poor Paul still has to tour so much. [NME]

  • Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

    Q-Tip Tweets Distaste for Kanye West's Tour Merch

    Ye's opener miffed about Confederate flag t-shirt.

    “I love Kanye no shots but my people continue to suffer psychologically from hardships that happened under that banner," writes the Tribe Called Quest MC. [Consequence of Sound]


  • Hard

    HARD Festival Announces All-Female DJ Weekend

    'Cause ladies can press buttons just as well as fellas.

    Founder Gary Richards promises "all the dope-ass girl DJs that play HARD -- and some new ones that haven't played before." [Rolling Stone]

  • April Siese

    Nine Inch Nails Finally Make National TV Debut

    Kimmel gets the honor of breaking this little-known band.

    Trent totally should have gone on 'Good Morning America' instead. [Stereogum]

  • Facebook

    Fire Damages Eminem's Childhood Home

    Now you can buy it for even less money.

    Maybe someone was trying to reenact that 'Love the Way You Lie' video (minus Megan Fox, of course). [Consequence of Sound]