Music, like politics, is now subject to the 24-hour news cycle. As a result, it’s damn near impossible to keep abreast of the day’s myriad rock ‘n’ roll tidbits. But fear not: In the spirit of simplification and efficiency, we’ve collected today's top 5 items and ranked them in terms of newsworthiness. Scroll down to see our picks.

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    Bob Mould Marking 25th 'Workbook' Anniversary

    Former Husker Du singer will tour behind ressiue of solo debut

    NYC's City Winery is among the tiny venues Mould will hit on this one-of-a-kind tour. [Brooklyn Vegan]

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    The Flaming Lips Team With Kesha for Stone Roses Cover

    The version of 'Elizabeth My Dear' dropped on Record Store Day

    Sadly, the Lips-Kesha collaborative album continues to sit in a vault somewhere, teasing the world with its awesomeness. [NME]

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    Kanye Compares Himself to Cops and Soldiers

    Yeezy says he's risking his life for his art

    Come to think of it, getting flack from critics for saying dumb s--- is kind of like facing sniper fire for the love of your country. [Contact Music]

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    Macaulay Caulkin Has Pizza-Themed Velvet Undground Cover Band

    Insert sound of palms hitting cheeks, a la 'Home Alone'

    Instead of 'I'm Waiting for the Man,' it's 'I'm Waiting for the Delivery Man.' Nicely done! [Pitchfork]
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    St. Vincent Announces New Album

    'Birth In Reverse' arrives Feb. 25

    Annie Clark wanted to make "a party record you could play at a funeral." Here's hoping she succeeded -- we guess. [Consequence of Sound]

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