The music industry is a lot like that rambunctious London abode Madness sings about in the classic 'Our House': There's always something happening, and it's usually quite loud. Indeed, keeping up with all of the day's top music stories can be daunting, so to make things easy, we've collected the top 5 items and ranked them in terms of newsworthiness. Scroll down to see our picks.

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    Morrissey Sitting on 'Arsenal of New Material'

    Our hero's been writing more than just memoirs.

    Moz's longtime guitarist Boz Boorer says his pompadoured boss has been amassing lots of new tunes. Now all he needs is a "record deal," whatever the hell that is. [NME]

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images
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    Eminem, Arcade Fire and MIA Made 'Live Music Videos' at the YouTube Awards

    Kind of a cool idea, no?

    Em's understated 'Rap God' was cool, but you gotta love the dancing in Arcade Fire's performance. [Pitchfork]


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    Billy Corgan Set to Become Wrestling Mogul

    Watch out, Vince McMahon.

    The Smashing Pumpkins frontman loves to see dudes smashing each other with steel chairs, which might explain this little business venture... [Stereogum]

    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
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    Malkmus Is Back

    Indie godhead gets the band back together. No, not that one...

    Some folks would have preferred more Pavement reunion dates, but admit it, you missed them Jicks. [Consequence of Sound]

    Karl Walter, Getty Images
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    Paul Simon and Sting are Hitting the Road

    Boomers everywhere just got their minds blown.

    White reggae meets white Afro-pop meets my dad, your dad and every dad you know. Ah, who are we kidding -- this'll be great! [Consequence of Sound]

    Jim Dyson / Anna Webber, Getty Images