Music, like politics, is now subject to the 24-hour news cycle. As a result, it’s damn near impossible to keep abreast of the day’s myriad rock ‘n’ roll tidbits. But fear not: In the spirit of simplification and efficiency, we’ve collected today's top 5 items and ranked them in terms of newsworthiness. Scroll down to see our picks.

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    Kanye West Says He's Not An Anti-Semite

    Rapper dicusses comments that got him in trouble with Anti-Defamation League

    When Ye said Jews have stronger "connections" than blacks, he apparently meant it as an "ignorant compliment." It's like saying black dudes have big wangs, he adds in a radio interview, probably not helping his case... [Pitchfork]

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    Burger Records Unveils Tasty Holidaiy Mix

    Stream 75 Xmas songs from the likes of the Muffs, Shannon and the Clams and White Fang

    We're partial to Dwarves leader Blag Dahlia's 'Drinking Up Xmas.' Who else is thirsty? [Contact Music]

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    Blood Orange, aka Dev Hynes, Done With the Guardian

    Singer and producer angered by story that followed his recent apartment fire

    The piece in question looks at the merits of crowdsourcing to raise money, and Hynes -- who lost all of his possessions, as well as his dog -- thought it "disgusting." [Contact Music]

    Stacey Mark
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    Johnny Marr Rejoins Cribs Onstage

    Guitarist guests with former collaborators during "Cribsmas" show in Leeds

    If that doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy, nothing will. (Well, maybe a Smiths reunion.) [NME]

    Simone Joyner, Getty Images
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    Thee Oh Sees Announce Hiatus

    Beloved San Fran garage rockers going away for a while

    Singer John Dwyer's upcoming move to L.A. is one reason the psych-rock greats are taking a breather, but their manager insists it's not "completely over." [Consequence of Sound]

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