When you think about it -- or, really, just look at them -- Toronto mayor Rob Ford and F---ed Up frontman Damian Abraham have a lot in common.

Both, of course, currently reside in the capital of Ontario, both look like they have healthy appetites and both have had a decent amount of experience with illegal substances (while Abraham has been an outspoken proponent for pot, Ford lost the powers of the office due to his drug and alcohol problems). While it's still up in the air whether or not Ford will be able to seek re-election due to his recent health problems, Abraham will be integral in helping the city choose its next mayor.

Stereogum reports that Abraham will moderate Toronto's upcoming mayoral arts debate on Sept. 29. Ford has reportedly been invited to attend the event to discuss the role of arts and culture in the city, but the lineup so far only includes candidates Olivia Chow, Ari Goldkind and John Tory.

Abraham confirmed his role on Twitter:

F---ed Up released their fourth album, 'Glass Boys,' in June via Matador.

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