F---ed Up's frontman Damian Abraham is a bloodied, grizzly punk-rock beast. His Toronto-based band just released its latest album, the most excellent 'Glass Boys,' and have been on the road for what seems like forever. Their shows are filled with sweaty passion, mosh pits and in-your face punk that somehow manages to translate just as explosively to their records. "I always listen back and can pick out things I wish I could do again," he says. "This time I took time and tried to get the best vocal possible." Abraham took some time to answer five questions for us.

Why is your nickname Pink Eyes?
A punk name has been a trope of punk since its coalescing in the mid-'70s, so we all picked one. Mine was in reference to a side project I had at the time.

Who's your favorite punk band?
That is a hard one: I may say the Feederz because I think their first LP is the greatest punk LP ever. but Desperate Bicycles' 'New Cross, New Cross' is my favorite 7-inch containing the greatest punk song of all time, 'Advice on Arrest.'

So how did F---ed Up get to where they are today?
Time and conflict. The natural push and pull internally unfolding over the years led us here.

Because you live in Toronto, are you required to like hockey?
I'm more from the 7 Seconds 'I Hate Sports' school. I played it for a couple years, but it just isn't my thing. The only sport I like is the art of pro wrestling.

Would you ever consider waxing your super-hairy chest?
I got my wife to wax my back once. She got two strips in.