Since Damien Rice announced that he is finally releasing a new album, we've been anxiously eating up everything he's given us -- from pining over his tour to putting 'My Favourite Faded Fantasy' on repeat.

And now, finally, we get his first visual in a while (eight years to be exact) with 'I Don't Want to Change.' Watch it in the video above.

Rice enlisted Arni & Kinsk, who have worked with Sigur Ros, Beth Orton and Jonsi, to direct the new video. Set in Iceland, the beautiful visual features a simple complexity -- much like the Irish folk artist's music. The camera films a wide shot of a long dock leading toward a large body of water while a drenched Rice looks at us and sings emotionally.

"And if you just want to be alone / I can wait without waiting / And if you want me to let this go / Well, I am more than willing / I don't want to change you/ I don't want to change your mind," he sings.

As the video progresses, the singer walks backwards toward the water and eventually crawls into the lake as the song ends.

'My Favourite Faded Fantasy,' Rice's third album, hits the streets on Nov. 10. Get details on the record here.