As prolific and ubiquitous as Damon Albarn is, he's managed somehow to go through his long career without releasing a true solo album. It seems that every time we think Albarn's working on one, he ends up starting a new band or writing a soundtrack for a movie instead.

But he finally released a true solo album, 'Everyday Robots,' which just came out this past April. To promote the release of his new record, Albarn made an appearance on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,' playing not one, but two songs.

For his first song, Albarn didn't play something from the new record, opting instead to treat fans to a Blur song, 'This Is a Low.' The performance, which was composed of the former Blur frontman playing piano and a small string section, felt very intimate. You can watch it above.

Albarn didn't leave the show without plugging his new album, though. He also played a track from the new solo record. The song, 'Lonely Press Play,' is indicative of the sort of great songwriting we're all used to from the Gorillaz songwriter. It's slow and catchy, kind of sad but still uplifting. You know, pretty typical Albarn greatness. You can watch that performance below.

Albarn and his band are touring the U.S. through June 14. Then they head across the pond, as the Brits are fond of saying, to tour Europe until July 26. To see the tour dates, visit Albarn's website.