With his proper debut solo album coming out next month, Damon Albarn has been performing some of the new songs in concert. 'You and Me' has been making the rounds for a while in various live versions, but the Blur and Gorillaz frontman has just released the studio take (well, sorta ... ) found on his upcoming LP, 'Everyday Robots,' which comes out on April 29.

Albarn recently put together a playlist of songs for FACT magazine and included 'You and Me' on there near the tail end. The song starts at the 33:48 mark, spotlighting only the "Me" part of the track. With its dreamy melody and a lighter vocal, the soothing cut makes an interesting juxtaposition to the "You" part from the first half of the song.

When Albarn performed 'You and Me' at the Live at BBC Radio Music Festival earlier this month, he explained the song's origin. "The song is actually two songs," he revealed. "But when we were recording, we pulled them together."

Give it a listen in the mix below.