Minneapolis' favorite indie-whatever artist, Dan Mariska, presents the Boys Choir, the latest showcase for his musical prowess and growing catalog.

The young singer has steadfastly maintained his independence over the last few years, respectfully partaking only in projects he fancies at any given time. Like a sexy bachelor in a room full of women, he exudes confidence and unavailability, attracting fans and fellow musicians alike. But Mariska hardly notices, as he remains focused on his craft -- the limitless art of a great pop song.

In Dan Mariska & the Boys Choir, he's enlisted some of the genre's top-tier local musicians, including producer Izaac Burkhart and Ben Neitge. Marsika explores a quirky and at times noisier side of things, and 'Watch It Unfold' stands as one of his most mature songs to date, conjuring memories of '90s alt favorites like Local H (only without the depression) and Matt Pryor (without the introspection).

For as meticulous and dedicated as Mariska is, he remains a man of few words. When Diffuser.fm spoke to him about the new material, he was satisfied to say, "Thank you to friends, family and pizza."

So there you have it. Get into the latest track from Dan Mariska & the Boys Choir, the upbeat 'Watch It Unfold,' below.

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